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"LEO" got Ukrainian Culture Fund support

Great news - "LEO" got funding from Ukrainian Culture Foundation (UCF) It'll allow us to bring some of our plans into life.

LEO: Big Racing is a modular sci-fi fulldome show for family viewing.

We dream to create flexible show that planetarium will be able to configure according to its needs.

We'll create story modules, which are short stories, and "service" modules which will allow to create the longer stories.

With Ukrainian Cultural Fund support we created the scripts and all director documentation for 6 modules (4 story modules and 2 service modules).

​ Next 5 month we'll work on 2 modules:

  • Start (service module);

  • non-fatal Error (story module).

Production of these modules are supported by Ukrainian Cultural Fund.

Our goal is to promote astronomy, so we'll create a series of astronomy goodies - puzzles, posters, poems, videos, presentations etc.

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